Big Prize Raffle

Welcome to Woodland Big Prize Raffle, you can click on the raffle below to buy your tickets. All money raised goes toward Woodlands Primary Playground Fund to install a new playground for the children.

This will not only make them extremely happy, but will provide much needed exercise and physical play at break times, with our inclusive design, the playground will be suitable for all levels and abilities.

Once all tickets are sold out the names and numbers will published online, the draw will be determined by the nest National Lottery Draw after the tickets sell out. Thank You and Good Luck!

Well Done to Margaret Craig-Muir who won the cash prize of £226! Thanks again to everyone who took part!

The draw for this prize was determined by the National Lottery Bonus Ball on Saturday 30th November 2019 at 7.45pm. Well done Tom McNally!
Thank You!

Draw for this prize was by the National Lottery Bonus Ball on 20/11/19 at 8pm. Congratulations to Marion Wilson, our first winner!
Well Done!