Christmas Cash Jackpot


Buying a ticket for this competition enters you into a prize draw to win a Cash Jackpot, the tickets will remain on sale until 12 noon on the 24th December.  The cash prize will then be announced around 1pm same day. Please include your email when ordering, as your receipt will be sent there. Based on previous raffles we expect the jackpot to be at least £300, although this can’t be guaranteed, we expect it to be much more!!


When tickets are sold out, all names & allocated numbers will be published on our Facebook page and the website. All numbers will be randomly allocated and the winner will be determined by a random draw done live online.


All profits will go towards Woodlands Primary Playground Fund to help raise money to install a new playground for the children. 50% of the funds raised on this raffle will make up the jackpot prize. Thank You & Good Luck!


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Number Of Tickets: 250